Let us bring your attention to our partner program that we have specially developed for you. A lot of exclusive content, tons of promo miniatures, numerous VIP promotions, an opportunity to assist in the life and work of our organisation! The program will not only expand your opportunities for interacting with BlackMarketMiniatures but will provide opportunities for your career and personal growth, strengthen communication with like-minded people and help find new people who share the same interests. So, let’s begin!

If you are private person:

Many customers ask us: ‘Where do you get so many rare models?!’The answer: ‘From YOU, our dear customers!’ You can help with the difficult process of expanding the assortment of miniatures we have available and preserve the legacy of out of production models! If you have rare, interesting, not presented in our catalogue miniatures and you are ready to share them for a while, then you are our PARTNER. We are perfectionists and how carefully we treat the miniatures of our Partners is described in this section:

The procedure is as follows. You contact us by e-mail and send us a list of the miniatures you want to share. Send an email to Miniatures must meet the following criteria:

1) Miniatures must be the original.

2) If the miniatures are metal then it doesn’t matter whether they are used or new. The only one but is, in the process of production, we remove all the paint and disassemble it for the individual components.

3) If the miniatures are resin — they must be only unpainted and disassembled.

4) If the miniatures are made of hardplastic, then we accept heroes, rare and unique characters, including those from sets. Miniatures must be on the sprue, or cut off from it, but it is essential that it is not glued together in any way.

In response, we process them, bring them to a state that is in accordance with our standards and send you your miniatures + a voucher equal to the cost of your miniatures in our store+ payment for delivery. Thus, you can buy what you want and when you want or give it to someone else. Naturally, all the promotions associated with posts and reviews remain.

‘Bounty hunters’ may be interested in heading over to the Wanted section;double payment!

To start the partnership, please drop your name, e-mail address, and link to your group/ details to this e-mail