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Global Update! 02/02/2019

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Dear ladies and gentlemen! We present you our global range of products! Your attention will be presented to 60 new positions! Kingdom Death, Blood Bowl, Eldar  and many other rare and VERY RARE sets are waiting for you!
Azure Knight
Blood Bowl Chaos Cheerleader
Blood Bowl Dwarf Referee #1
Blood Bowl Dwarf Runner #2
Blood Bowl Lord Borak the Despoiler
Blood Bowl Trollslayer #1
Champions of Nurgle with Bell Staff and Sword 1991
Champions of Nurgle with Halberd 1991
Champions of Nurgle with Sword #3 1991
Chaos Cultist #2,4
Chaos Space Marine Havoc with Lascannon
Dark Eldar Archon
Dark Eldar Incubi with Assault Weapon #1 1991
Dark Eldar Urien Rakarth Master Haemonculus 1999
Dark Elf
Death Cult Assasins
Death High Preacher
Death High Ringtail Vixen
Dwarf Thane Josef Bugman
Eldar Farseer with Spear and Shuriken Pistol
Eldar Howling Banshee Exarch with Power Axe 1991
Eldar Phoenix Lord Fuegan
Eldar Phoenix Lord Karandras
Eldar Prince Yriel
Eldar Striking Scorpions Exarch with Chainsword 1991
Eldar Warlock with Singing Spear #1 1991
Elder Scissor Knight
Great Game Hunter Rogue Male
Hutk-Nke Plague Priest 1991
Intimacy Couple (Kingdom Death Monster 1.5)
Investment Sniper
Lord of The Rings Sauron™ the Necromancer
Mars Pattern Warlord Titan Head (Limited edition)
Mordheim Hunter (Cabana minis)
Mordheim Reiklander Youngblood
Mordheim Skaven Assassin Adept
Mordheim Skaven Clan Eshin Sorcerer
Old Joe (Kingdom Death Monster 1.5)
Open Ammunition Crates (OOP Very Rare)
Ringtail Survivor Variant
Samurai Variant
Savior Male – 40 Years
Scaven Screaming Bell Grey Seer 1996
Scaven Warlock with Staff #2 1997
Screaming Antelope(Kingdom Death Monster 1.5)
Shreve The Inquisitor 1991
Space Marine Black Templars High Marshal Helbrecht
Space Marine Chaplain in Terminator Armour
Space Marine Commander
Till Death Do Us Part
Tyranid Carniflex 1991
Tyranid Wrecker Claws
Vampire Counts Varghulf
White Lion (Kingdom Death Monster 1.5)
Young Rachel (Kingdom Death Monster 1.5)


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