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Global Update! 07/01/2019

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        Good day, our dear customers and associates. The year 2018 was quite ambiguous for us. On the one hand, we have expanded our range of products to more than 300 positions, optimized some important processes, began to cooperate with new ones and continued to work with old partners(guys – respect to you!). We have more regular customers, we have updated the site and the server. On the other hand, we had to part with PayPal(they made our work incredibly difficult), there were some difficulties with the transition to the new site(sorry again). Due to the complication of political relations between some countries and changes in legislation, it has become more difficult to send parcels. We had several times a year to explain with representatives of the Games Workshop , which is also quiet our life does not). But we are optimistic about the future and confident that with your support we will be able to achieve much more. We present you a list of some of the innovations that will definitely appear this year:
1. New category Author’s miniatures. It will feature miniatures of partners made by our shop. (For questions contact me on mail: blackmarketminiatures@gmail.com )
2. We have come close to small-scale industrial production for the needs of our customers(for cooperation please contact us by mail: blackmarketminiatures@gmail.com )
3. In addition to the main catalog items, this year we will add a lot of miniatures of Infinity, Human Interface and a few others. (If you have any suggestions on the range, write: blackmarketminiatures@gmail.com)
4. We plan to further expand the range of rarities and rarities(more miniatures to the God of miniatures!)
5. Will be introduced special item – black marks. Details later.
6. Experimentally proposal-black box. Details later.
7. We will continue to work on improving acquiring. At the moment, we are negotiating with several other acquiring organizations. What will come of this, only Tzeentch knows).
Now a bit about sad things. This year, due to changes in the legislation of our country and the increase in tariffs for delivery, we still have to introduce paid delivery of parcels. When ordering up to  50$ shipping will cost 10$. Over 50$ shipping will remain free. We how many can, let us delay this event, but sooner or later it will happen(.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          With respect your Mr. Smuggler


And now, our ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce to you this year’s first update of the range. 67 new positions are presented to your attention


1 Avengers Iron Man Hulkbuster Version
2 Avatar of Greed (OOP)
3 Avatar of Sloth (OOP)
4 Avatar of Wrath (OOP)
5 Bard
6 Big Mek from Alex Sazhin 
7 Black Knight Squire Male
8 Black Panter 35mm
9 Black Widow 35mm
10 Chaos Space Marine Death Guard 1993
11 Chaos Space Marine Death Guard Champion #1 1997
12 Chaos Space Marine Death Guard with Meltagun 1997
13 Chaos Space Marine on Assault Bike
14 Chaos Space Marine Thousan Sons 1993
15 Cyber Beauty 75 mm
16 Cyclop 35mm
17 Cyclop Knight
18 Daredevil 35mm
19 Dark Ms.Marvel 35mm
20 Death Guard Plague Marines
21 Deff Dread 2000
22 Demon of Flesh
23 Djinn (Zealot Miniatures)
24 Dr.Doom on Throne 70mm (Limited Edition)
25 Eldar Autarch 2006 (Limited Edition)
26 Emma Frost 35mm
27 Faceless Great Demon (Zealot Miniatures)
28 Fire Elemental (Zealot Miniatures)
29 Guild Dr. Grimwell
30 Guild Nurse Heartsbane
31 Guild Orderly #1
32 Guild Orderly #2
33 High Elf Hero Eltharion on Stormwing
34 Iron Man Bust
35 Iron Patriot 35mm
36 Jean Grey 35mm
37 Necromunda Spyrer Hunter Malcadon #1 
38 Neverborn Angel Eyes
39 Neverborn Bloodwretch #1
40 Neverborn Bloodwretch #2
41 Neverborn Scion of the Black Blood
42 Nightcrawler 35mm
43 Pinup Dragon Sacrifice 54mm 
44 Renegade Militia Command Squad
45 Renegade Militia Weapon Arms
46 Ringtail Survivor
47 Sling Maiden and Maggot Bearer
48 Solar Auxilia Lasrifle Section
49 Space Marine Heroes
50 Space Marine Scout Bike
51 Spider-Man 35mm
52 Strain Stalker
53 Strain Brimstone
54 Strain Grendlеr
55 Strain Necroform Phase 1 
56 Strain Phaedrus
57 Strain Quasimodo
58 Strain Scythe Witch
59 Succubus (Limbo Miniatures)
60 Sun Wukong, the Monkey King (Limbo Miniatures)
61 Tartaros Pattern Terminator Armour
62 Vanaheim Pattern Griffon Update Set (Very Rare)
63 Vision 35mm
64 Warstaff of Mid-Nor
65 Weeper
66 White Speaker Boss
67 Wolverine 35mm

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