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Happy New Year!

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     On this wonderful day, December 31, we want to sum up the results of the past year and share our plans for the future.

It’s been a very tough year for all of us. The coronavirus, the unstable political situation in the world, problems with international logistics, the supply of raw materials and many other problems tried to break us. But thanks to you, your patience and support, we managed everything! No matter what, we have always tried to keep our quality at the declared level. We continued to develop, increase our product range, explore new technologies and acquire many new friends and partners.

First of all: The first update after the New Year will be dedicated to our global work on  Tau Orca, the Imperial Trench System and many other smaller, but no less interesting positions (We know you’ve been waiting for this;)).

Secondly: Practice has shown that it is easiest for Partners to receive a voucher, as described in our partnership section. With it, you can choose what you want and when you want and even give it to someone close. We will remove other ways of exchanging positions.

Thirdly: We entered into an agreement with a beautiful miniature painting studio based in our city. This is a young but experienced team with a high painting education and most importantly-They are the same quality Maniacs as we are! So far, they will be based on our platform and they will be assigned a separate page on our website. Accordingly, those customers who immediately want to get painted miniatures will receive additional discounts in our store. At the moment, we are working together to create a portfolio, design the page and other necessary things.

In the fourth: Next year, we will delight you with even more rare, limited-edition miniatures, restored museum exhibits:) from the personal collections of our partners including large and very large miniatures.

And finally: What you expected from us – we are announcing a New Year’s Promotion! Enter Happy New Year! in the voucher  field and get a 15% discount on all items in our catalog!

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas Friends!

Attention – Promotion is valid from 31 December until 10 January.

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