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Happy New Year!

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     Hi friends!

       First of all, I would like to congratulate everyone on Christmas and wish you the fulfillment of the most daring and ambitious plans. December 31 is approaching and we traditionally summarize the results of the past year and share plans for the future. Then there will be a lot of letters, then our next update and at the very end a discount coupon)
       The world has changed a lot since the pandemic. Some of us have lost our loved ones. Someone lost their health. Some have changed their place of work, or even their country of residence. But as Nietzsche said, “Everything that doesn’t kill me makes me stronger!”. We believe that sooner or later humanity will overcome this scourge and will be able to start living in peace again. And our hobby with you is that ray of light that at least slightly disperses the clouds of everyday life.

       So the results of the past year and plans for the future:
    1. We tested our restoration skills on large and heavy miniatures and everything turned out fine. You can read more about this in our Diary. Accordingly, next year there will be many more different large positions. Hierofant, Chaos Dragon, Marienburg LandShip, Vampire Hunter, Macharius Tank and its modifications. A lot of other very diverse equipment will be waiting for you in our store.
   2. Artists have been improving their skills all this year and now we are absolutely sure that they will continue the traditions of quality and craftsmanship adopted in our organization. You can get acquainted with some of their works at the link: https://ninthscv.github.io/. At the moment we are completing the integration of their store on our platform and in the near future you will already be able to order from us not only Pro-Cast miniatures, but also painting your own or purchased items from us.
   3. With our update today, we will cross the milestone of 2000 positions and we are very proud of it. During the time our employees were quarantined, a new generation of specialists has grown up and the efficiency of the company has increased. And thanks to the partner program, as well as our reputation, we have access to the rarest and rarest positions that are known to this world. Monsters, heroes and equipment that have not appeared on the battlefields for many years can again be available to people from all over the world. And next year we intend to further increase the influx of new products into our store.
   4. Due to numerous requests from our customers in 2022, we decided to pay more attention to the Universe of the Age of Sigmar and the classic Warhammer Fantasy Battles. So more miniatures to the God of miniatures!
   5. Now about the urgent. Covid 19 made its own adjustments to the work of almost every organization and the consequences were not long in coming. There was a strong jump in inflation. Everything has become more expensive: logistics, postage, materials, rent. In our country, in most areas of life, inflation has reached 30% (unofficial statistics), and in some 200-300%!. For almost 6 years we have tried not to raise the prices of our services, except in the most difficult cases. It was a difficult decision for us, but in 2022 we will be forced to raise prices by 10-15%(. We hope for your understanding..
      Now about the good. Sooo… Ladies and gentlemen. Our next update! In it, we will present you a completely reconstructed Manticore and Hydra (we have not yet met these miniatures in normal quality, so we had to take everything into our own hands), a Destroyer tank, a Limit Archaon, Sicarius, Tallarn snipers, Tyranids Armorcast, followers of Grandpa Nurgle, Orc Zodgrodd Wartsnagga Horde and many other interesting miniatures…

1 Adeptus Titanicus Tech Priest Enginseer
2 Archaon on Foot (Games Day 2004 Limited Edition)
3 Astral Claws Land Rider Doors
4 Astral Claws Rhino Doors
5 Biologus Putrifier
6 Bomb Squig
7 Canoness (Combat Patrol Exclusive)
8 Captain Sicarius (Medusa V Сampaign Exclusive)
9 Cogsmith
10 Dark Elf Handler and Chaos Hounds 1987
11 Death Guard Rhino Doors
12 Death Korps Autocannon Team #1
13 Destroyer Tank Hunter Upgrade Kit for Leman Russ MkV (Very Rare)
14 Edryc Setorax, Vanguard Veteran (Kill Team Cassius)
15 Gaunts’s Ghosts
16 Grey Hunter with Wolf Standard
17 Hydra Flak Tank Upgrade Kit (Stygies VIII Pattern) (Very Rare)
18 Imperial Space Marines (Rogue Trader Era 1991)
19 Kislev Winged Lancer Champion
20 Kislev Winged Lancer Drummer
21 Kislev Winged Lancer Standard Bearer
22 Kislev Winged Lancers x2
23 Legion Mk IV Power Weapon Set
24 Legion of the Damned Veteran Sergeant Centurius (Limited Edition 1996)
25 Manticore Missile Tank Upgrade Kit (Stygies VIII Pattern) (Very Rare)
26 Mechanicum Magos Macrotek Enginseer
27 Mechanicum Servo Automata x4
28 Nauseous Rotbone, the Plague Surgeon
29 Necron Canoptek Tomb Sentinal
30 Nob on Smasha Squig
31 Plague Marine Champion
32 Primaris Marneus Calgar with Vitrix Guard
33 Questoris Knight Magaera Update Pack
34 Ragnir Gunnstein, Squat Ammo Jack
35 Salamanders Land Raider Doors
36 Salamanders Rhino Doors and Front Plate
37 Scribbus Wretch, the Tallyman
38 Slaughterpriest with Hackblade and Wrath-hammer
39 Space Marine Boarding Assault Upgrade Set
40 Space Marine Captain
41 Space Marine Captain (Games Day 1999 Limited Edition)
42 Space Marine Sternguard Veteran Squad
43 Squighog Boyz x3
44 Tallarn Sniper Team
45 Techmarine in Mk III Armour
46 Techmarine in Mk IV Armour
47 Tyranid Exocrine (Armorcast) (Very Very Rare)
48 Tyranid Malefactor (Armorcast) (Very Very Rare)
49 Tyranid Warrior Wings Upgrade Kit (Very Rare)
50 Ultramarine Captain 1991
51 Vael Donatus, Ultramarines Sternguard Veteran (Kill Team Cassius)
52 Valhallan with Plasma Gun (Alternative)
53 Von Carstein Upgrade Pack (Very Rare)
54 Warden King
55 Word Bearers Land Raider Doors
56 Xandria Azurebolt – Knight Incantor (Mortal Realms Exclusive)
57 Zodgrodd Wartsnagga

And finally: What you expected from us – we are announcing a New Year’s Promotion! Enter Happy New Year 2022! in the voucher  field and get a 15% discount on all items in our catalog!

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas Friends!

Attention – Promotion is valid from 30 December until 10 January.

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