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New miniatures photography!

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spere wars

We present to your attention a new game universe – Sphere wars. And a discount of 20% on the first ten copies of each position. Also new photos from the world of Kingdom Death, Helldorado, Warhammer FB, Warhammer 40k, Confrontation. Hurry to see!

New Sphere Wars positions:

  1. Scions of Kurgan Devastator
  2. Scions of Kurgan Lackey
  3. Scions of Kurgan Raggarth, the Reaper
  4. Scions of Kurgan Ripper
  5. Scions of Kurgan Shaman

Updated photos:


  1. Familiars of Air
  2. Familiars of Darkness
  3. Warrior Priest of Sigmar (Two Hand Weapon)
  4. Warrior Priest of Sigmar (Great Weapon)
  5. Elemental of Earth
  6. Male Visionary
  7. Death korps of Krieg Grenadiers melta & stubgun
  8. Forgotten Warrior
  9. Sisters of Battle Canoness Veridyan
  10. Pinup Visionary
  11. Pinup Storm Armor
  12. Ultramarine Legions Herald
  13. Kuan Yin
  14. Damned One of Wrath

All photos were made by blackmarketminiatures team.