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Update 01/03/2021!

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    Friends! We haven’t posted updates for a long time, but there’s a reason for that. For two months, we have worked hard to please you with exceptionally high-quality products. Your patience will be rewarded and in the next couple of weeks we will post more than 100! new items in our catalog. Your attention will be presented to the rarest, discontinued, limited edition miniatures, which were kindly offered to us by our partners. We would like to thank these brave and generous people once again. Thanks to them, we manage to preserve the legacy of board games and share it with everyone. Join our common passion!

           So, in this update, you will see: Atlas Recovery Tank Upgrade Kit! , the restored Imperial Trench System!(we will post an article about its restoration a little later), several already discontinued miniatures of Dark Vengeance, Shadowspire, some sets of Indomitus, Elysians, and much, much more!

1 Abaddon the Despoiler
2 Armageddon Pattern Basilisk Update Kit
3 Astra Militarum Baneblade’s Captain
4 Atlas Recovery Tank Upgrade Kit (Very Rare)
5 Bladeguard Ancient (Indomitus)
6 Bladeguard Veteran Squad (Indomitus)
7 Blood Bowl Chaos Dwarf Bull Centaur H’Thark The Unstoppable
8 Blood Bowl Chaos Dwarf Team
9 Blood Bowl Goblins Team
10 Blood Bowl Halflings*3
11 Cadre Fireblade
12 Callidus Assassin #2
13 Chaos Space Marine Master of Possession (Shadowspear)
14 Chaos Space Marines Chosen (Dark Vengeance)
15 Chaos Space Marines Chosen Champion (Dark Vengeance)
16 Cherub with Skulls (Limited Edition)
17 Chimera Heavy Flamer Turret
18 Conquest Primaris Lieutenant Calcius (Limited Edition)
19 Daemonhost #1
20 Daemonhost #2
21 Dark Angels Captain (Dark Vengeance)
22 Dark Angels Captain in Terminator Armour (Dark Vengeance)
23 Dark Angels Sergeant (Dark Vengeance)
24 Eldar Renegade
25 Elysian Lascutter with Scanner
26 Elysian Mortar Squad
27 Elysian Sniper Squad
28 Eradicator Squad (Indomitus)
29 Grey Knights Land Raider Redeemer Conversion Kit
30 House Delaque Ganger with Autogun #1
31 House Delaque Ganger with Lasgun #1
32 House Delaque Ganger with Lasgun #2
33 House Delaque Ganger with Shotgun #1
34 House Delaque Heavy
35 House Delaque Juve with Autopistol #1
36 House Delaque Juve with Stubgun #1
37 House Delaque Leader
38 Imperial Trench System Bunker
39 Imperial Trench System Ladders, Bridges
40 Imperial Trench System Set (Straights x3, Corner x2)
41 Imperial Trench System Trench End with Gun Mount
42 Imperial Trench System Trench End with Ladder x2
43 Inquisitor Daemonhunter with Bolt Pistol and Book
44 Ivanka Kurganova
45 Jakkob Bugmanson (Commemorative Series)
46 Judiciar (Indomitus)
47 Kharn the Betrayer 2016
48 Kommandart Sorscha Kratikoff
49 Land Raider MkIIC Upgrade Kit
50 Librarian Turmiel (Dark Vengeance)
51 Orca Escape Pod with Tau Aircaste Pilot


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