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Update 11/03/2021!

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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen.

On this beautiful day, we have some news for you:

1) A few days ago, Facebook closed our page at the request of GW. They found fault with some picture. We weren’t asked, of course. About the same as Instagram did before. Naturally, all the money spent on promotion and marketing remained with Facebook. As a result, we do not see any more sense to start activity on these sites again. If you have any questions, please write directly to our e-mail blackmarketminiatures@gmail.com.

2) We have had very busy months in connection with the restoration and introduction of new positions to the market. Our new customers sometimes worry that the order is very long in the picking stage. We assure you, all this time, work on orders, does not stop for a second. The recovery work is difficult and takes time. Therefore, please do not take offense and we guarantee that everyone will get what they ordered.

3) Also, due to numerous requests from customers, we now sell a separate Chimera Base Kit. Nothing superfluous. Just what you need for the Salamander and other vehicle.

4) And finally! Tra-ta-ta-ta Drum roll! We present you the next, stunning update, from which you will blow your head off! 59 new items, including the entire collection of Space Marine Heroes #3 (including the Japanese exclusive), Malcador, Salamander Tank Crew released in an extremely limited edition, Sergeant Jackson, Tallarn Casualties, part of the Indomitus collection, vintage Eldar and Necromunda Ratskins and what many have been waiting for a very long time-Tau Orca!!! Believe me, it is worth your money to every last cog. An article about its restoration, modernization and bringing it to our standards and working on the imperial trench system will be published later. Hurry up to see this and much more….


1 Beast of Nurgle
2 Chimera Base Kit
3 Dark Reapers Exarch with Web of Sculls 1991
4 Death Guard Clotticus (Space Marine Heroes 3)
5 Death Guard Gangrus Plague Champion (Space Marine Heroes 3)
6 Death Guard Gurg the Foul (Space Marine Heroes 3)
7 Death Guard Kholerus (Space Marine Heroes 3)
8 Death Guard Morslug (Space Marine Heroes 3)
9 Death Guard Pustus the Vile (Space Marine Heroes 3, Japan Exclusive)
10 Death Guard Scabboth (Space Marine Heroes 3)
11 Distortion Cannon on Anti-Grav Platform
12 Eldar Farseer 1991 
13 Flash Git Nob with Power Claw and Kustom Weapon 1991 
14 Gotrek Gurnisson (Limited Edition 2006) 
15 Heavy Plasma Gun on Anti-Grav Platform
16 Legionary Apothecary Upgrade (Alternative)
17 Legionary Minigun (Alternative)
18 Legionary Plasma Cannon (Alternative)
19 Lemartes, Guardien of the Lost
20 Malcador with Battle Cannon
21 MKIVc Predator Upgrade Kit
22 Ork Barricades
23 Overlord (Indomitus)
24 Plague Marine Champion (Dark Imperium)
25 Primaris Captain (Indomitus)
26 Primaris Chaplain (Indomitus)
27 Primaris Lieutenant (Indomitus)
28 Ratskin Shaman #2
29 Ratskin with Autogun
30 Ratskin with Lasgun #1
31 Ratskin with Lasgun #2
32 Ratskin with Shotgun #1
33 Ratskin with Shotgun #2
34 Royal Warden (Indomitus)
35 Salamander Tank Crew (Very Very Rare)
36 Sergeant ‘Ripper’ Jackson (Store Annivesary Miniature)
37 Servitor with Heavy Bolter
38 Servitor with Plasma Cannon
39 Servitor with Servo-Arm
40 Servitor with Servo-Arm #2
41 Space Marine Apothecary #2
42 Space Marine Captain 1991 (Limited Edition)
43 Space Marine Captain in Terminator Armour (Assault of the Black Reach)
44 Space Marine Captain with Banner and Storm Bolter (Games Day 1999)
45 Space Marine Company Standart Bearer 1998 
46 Space Marine Masters of the Chapter
47 Space Marine Scout with Heavy Bolter
48 Tallarn Casualties (Very Rare)
49 Tau Orca (Very Very Very Rare)
50 Tech Priest Manipulus
51 The Visarch Sword of Ynnead
52 Ultramarines Captain (Assault on Black Reach)
53 Ultramarines Rhino Doors
54 Ultramarines Sergeant Chronus
55 Vanquisher Gryphonne IV Tank Commander (Very Rare)
56 Vindicare Assassin #2
57 Yncarne Avatar of Ynnead
58 Yvraine Emissary of Ynnead 
59 Zoat (Blackstone Fortress)

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