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Update 13/09/2020!

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Dear ladies and gentlemen!

We are glad to present you our next update. Astrologers announce the week of the BlackStone Fortress!


1 Amallyn Shadowguide, Asuryani Ranger (Blackstone Fortress)
2 Aradia Madellan, Primaris Psyker (Blackstone Fortress)
3 Chaos Beastmen*2 (Blackstone Fortress)
4 Chaos Space Marines (Blackstone Fortress)
5 Cultist Champion (Blackstone Fortress)
6 Cultist Firebrand (Blackstone Fortress)
7 Cultists*6 (Blackstone Fortress)
8 Daedalosus, Technoarcheologist (Blackstone Fortress)
9 Dahyak Grekh, Kroot Tracker (Blackstone Fortress)
10 Espern Locarno, Imperial Navigator (Blackstone Fortress)
11 Gotfred de Montbard, Crusader (Blackstone Fortress)
12 Janus Draik, Rogue Trader (Blackstone Fortress)
13 Negavolt Cultists*2 (Blackstone Fortress)
14 Neyam Shai Murad, Rogue Trader (Blackstone Fortress)
15 Obsidius Mallex, Chaos Lord (Blackstone Fortress)
16 Pious Vorne, Missionary Zealot (Blackstone Fortress)
17 Ratling Twins, Rein and Raus (Blackstone Fortress)
18 Rogue Psykers*2 (Blackstone Fortress)
19 Spindle Drones*2 (Blackstone Fortress)
20 Taddeus the Purifier, Ministorum Priest (Blackstone Fortress)
21 Traitor Guardsmen*7 (Blackstone Fortress)
22 UR-025, Imperial Robot (Blackstone Fortress)
23 Ur-Ghuls*2 (Blackstone Fortress)
24 X-101, Servitor (Blackstone Fortress)

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